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Solair canopIes

Why Solair canopies?

Because you give your home a surplus
To install a Solair® canopy is like adding a new room to your house or apartment. Decks and balconies are transformed in areas that gives you a better life. Really ! Because they just require very little maintenance. Solair canopies remain closed when they are not used, reducing its maintenance to a minimum. Forget about worries!

Because they are static
As well as giving beauty to your facade, with a Solair canopy you will never have to close your blinds or curtains. Finally, you will enjoy the view from your window.

Because they take care of your health
Excesive exposure to the sun’s UV rayshurts your skin. Solair canopies with a Sunbrella cover avoid this. 

Who says you can not hide the sun with a finger?


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