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Sunbrella fabrics

Its exceptional resistance to fading and spots, its high durability and cleaning easiness comes from the fabrics extraordinary manufacturing process.

Sunbrella® fabrics are completely manufactured with acrylic threads dyed in solution.

« Dyed in solution » is a process by which color pigments are added to the fibers when they are in liquid state. This characteristic of Sunbrella fabrics allows that color seals in its interior. The final result is threads and fabric Sunbrella® with color impregnated in the material ; therefore, it will not fade or wash out (imagine a cut carrot, the coloris the same inside).

Other textiles are simply dyed on the surface of the thread or fabric ; therefore, color penetrates the outer layer and fades after some time.

Furthermore, Sunbrella® fabrics resist UV rays. This characteristic deserved the « Sello de Recomendación de la Fundación de Cáncer de la Piel » as an auxiliar to prevent damages provoked by this disease.

Tela SunbrellaTela SunbrellaTela SunbrellaTela Sunbrella

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